Prevention is everything!

Whole-body screening for skin cancer

Early detection of skin cancer, skin cancer prevention

Skin cancer prevention includes, first and foremost: consistent protection against sunburn and avoiding sunburn.

Fair-skinned people whose skin does not tan are especially at risk and the use of sun protection with a factor of 30 to 50 is recommended. Suntan is a natural protective mechanism for the genetic material of the cells in the epidermis. Children’s skin is particularly sensitive. As an adult, you should set an example for children when it comes to protection from sunlight. The risk of developing skin cancer increases with age. The risk is highly dependent on skin type. Fair-skinned women with numerous pigment spots (moles) are especially at risk.

In a first preventive examination, the skin type is determined and regularly scheduled full-body examinations are set up for the future. Even the most malignant skin cancers don’t develop overnight. Melanomas can be discovered in time. Visually, these melanomas usually appear to be abnormal when compared to the rest of the body’s pigmentation. Photo documentation is extremely helpful and is used by doctors to compare the structure of the pigmented spots with previous findings in order to obtain a detailed picture.

Skin cancer aftercare

If you already have skin cancer, there is an increased risk of another tumor developing in the near future. Therefore, it’s important to have a dermatologist perform skin cancer examinations at regular intervals throughout your life, especially in these cases.

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