The flawless man


Many people are not satisfied with the shape or size of their nose. With rhinoplasty, the nose can be re-shaped, improving the overall appearance of the face by bringing it into line with the forehead, the eyes and the chin.

Where there is a respiratory disorder involved, it is advisable to correct the internal nasal passages during surgery (deviated nasal septum, oversized turbinates) so as to permanently improve respiration. Such an operation would be carried out by a competent ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist.


The slackening of periorbital tissues causes so-called “bags” under the eyes, ptosis (partial or total sagging) of the upper eyelids, and so-called “crow’s feet”.

The face appears tired and old, and problems can arise with lateral vision. Blepharoplasty removes excess skin and unnecessary fat, making the eyes look young and relaxed again.

Double chin

There are two possible causes of the double chin: an increase in fat localised in the neck, or a slackening of the muscle in the region below the chin resulting in vertical folds.

Depending on the age of the patient and the problem, two different surgical techniques can be used. If the skin is still elastic, a localized liposuction is carried out to reshape the neck, restoring the correct neck/chin angle. If the problem is a slackening of the subcutaneous tissues, neck lifting is used to give the face a more energetic and youthful appearance.

Abdomen and hips

While women are genetically predisposed to the accumulation of fat on the thighs and buttocks, in men fat tends to deposit on the hips and abdomen.

The purpose of this procedure is to optimize the proportions and symmetry of the body, not to reduce weight. By eliminating stubborn cushions of fat through aspiration, the natural contours of the body are restored. In the case of excess skin in the abdominal wall, abdominoplasty is recommended together with liposuction.


Whether they are children, teenagers or adults, protruding ears are more noticeable on men than women, because men usually have short hair.

Modern plastic surgery can effectively correct this malformation.
Protruding ears originate during the embryonic phase when the auricle does not bend far back enough. All that is needed to correct the shape of the ear is a small day surgery operation under local anaesthetic that lasts approximately one hour.


If a man develops breast tissue (gynaecomastia) it is important to carry out tests to determine the cause.

Gynaecomastia correction is carried out by means of liposuction or subcutaneous mastectomy. The latter involves the removal of the mammary glands through an incision around the areola. Both operations require approximately one hour and can be carried out under local anaesthetic in day hospital.

Over the last few decades, men have started to pay much more attention to their image and to the care of their bodies. The modern man wants to feel at ease in a society that is increasingly more demanding as far as looks are concerned.

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