It is important that you like yourself, both inside and out!


At ClinicAgostini we know that the process that leads to plastic surgery is delicate, touching on dreams, hopes and psychological issues. All of the steps leading up to surgery have to be based on a dialogue with the surgeon and his team.
Your first visit will be dedicated to communication and dialogue. These will be the key to making any future decision with peace of mind.

We will not only look at the practical aspects of the surgery, but most of all the psychological aspects, often underestimated but from which there is no escape.
On the one hand, we will clarify the social aspect, namely the perception that others have of you and the indisputable connection between physical appearance and mental health.
On the other hand, we will ask about your personal life so as to understand the real motivations behind your desire to change your appearance, because in order to change it is absolutely essential that you understand yourself and accept your defects so that you can live freely.
This dialogue is also fundamental for the surgeon to have a full understanding of the problem so that he can evaluate the best ways of dealing with it.


Once we have discussed everything and decided on the objective of the treatment, the next step is to evaluate the possible solutions.
In this phase, the professionalism of the surgeon and his team is extremely important. Dr. Philipp Agostini is the founding plastic surgeon of ClinicAgostini and together with his team of professionals he is able to recommend the best solutions for you.
We identify the therapies best suited to the imperfection or disproportion of each particular case. We plan a personalised itinerary that guarantees the best results using the least invasive procedures possible.

This is an innovative multi-disciplinary approach in accordance with the guidelines of the most prestigious international scientific associations. According to these guidelines, the first step is the correct identification of the problem and the explanation of possible solutions from all points of view (theoretical, practical and financial), with the focus always on the personal needs of the patient.


The decision to undergo plastic surgery is always a very important step that should be pondered and thought through carefully. Changing your physical appearance inevitably comes with its own set of fears and concerns.

It is normal and healthy to be wary of change. These fears concern various aspects, both physical and psychological.

There are a series of negative details that must necessarily be dealt with and resolved before going through with plastic surgery. The only way to deal with these fears and to be at ease with your decision is to conduct an honest and sincere interview with the surgeon. A clear, sincere dialogue with the plastic surgeon will help you to make a clear-minded decision and to be able to face each follow-up stage without anxiety.
The staff at ClinicAgostini is available to respond to any question, doubt or uncertainty that you may have about the chosen treatment. We will be at your side to instil confidence and serenity and to give you honest answers.


At the time of surgery, you will be fully aware of and prepared for the procedure that you will undergo, a procedure that will help you to achieve your dream of beauty and solve your problem.

ClinicAgostini in Bolzano is a fully equipped private clinic where Dr. Agostini, a qualified cosmetic surgeon, carries out 80% of the cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures.

The environment is private, comfortable and clean, in conformance with all necessary hygiene regulations. The medical team is always ready to provide you with all the information and help that you need and will be at your side throughout your stay.
Surgery requiring general anaesthetic is necessarily carried out at the Sant’Anna Surgical Centre in Merano.

Follow-up visits

Recovery and consolidation times vary according to the type of procedure and the personal characteristics of the patient. Whether your progress is slow or rapid, ClinicAgostini will not abandon you in this phase. We will plan a series of follow-up visits to evaluate your post operative progress and the outcome of the procedure so as to avoid possible complications.

Follow-up visits are free of charge.

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