Symmetry and Youthfulness

Face Lifting


The natural ageing process generally starts with an increase in the number of wrinkles, a thinning of the adipose tissue (cheekbones, cheeks) and general sagging of the underlying muscle tissue (particularly evident in the neck region).

A face and neck lift makes it possible to reduce these typical signs of ageing and to make the face look younger and more attractive. A good lifting is one that results in a naturally youthful face showing no signs of “intervention”, where the natural lineaments remain unchanged and facial expressions unaltered. The purpose of this surgery is to obtain a natural and balanced look rather than an artificial unnatural symmetry.

Forehead Lift

younger Face

Sagging eyebrows and horizontal and vertical forehead wrinkles make the face look tired, sad and old. The forehead lift raises the eyebrows and “irons out” the wrinkles, giving the eyes a dynamic and youthful appearance. To obtain lasting results, the contraction force of the facial muscles is partially reduced (botox effect).

Surgery lasts approximately one hour and is carried out under local anaesthetic in day surgery.


Young bright eyes

Blepharoplasty concerns the upper and lower eyelids. This is one of the oldest operations in the history of cosmetic surgery, and since it is one of the most requested procedures the techniques have been continuously perfected over time.

Bags under the eyes are caused by the presence of excess fat tissue. In the past this tissue was removed surgically, but today it is redistributed which also helps to avoid sunken eyes in old age.

Excess skin on the upper eyelids can reduce the field of vision – a problem that is easily resolved by surgical removal.


Breathe well

The purpose of rhinoplasty is to correct the shape and size of the nose (cosmetic rhinoplasty) or to improve breathing conditions (functional rhinoplasty).

The nose is reshaped in symmetry with the rest of the face. A successful rhinoplasty will make the eyes and face stand out instead of the operated nose. Corrections are almost always carried out through incisions on the inside of the nostrils thus remaining completely invisible.

In the case of respiratory disorders, it is advisable to also correct the internal nasal conduits. Such an operation would be carried out simultaneously by a competent ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist.


Full and Beautiful Lips

Cheiloplasty is one of the most effective and long-lasting methods of increasing lip volume.

The red portion of the lip is advanced surgically, increasing the labial surface area. For a further increase in volume, a dermal graft can be inserted under the mucous membrane.
Lipofilling – injecting body fat into the lip – is an alternative to cheiloplasty.

The results obtained from lipofilling are permanent, while other filler substances last an average of 6 months.


Say goodbye to wrinkles

Dermabrasion is the most effective way to eliminate deep perioral wrinkles, namely those deep vertical wrinkles that appear around the mouth and that are sometimes referred to as “bar code” wrinkles.

Skin abrasion is a surgical treatment that has proven itself through the years. The treatment involves the removal of the top layer of the skin.

The underlying skin heals without leaving any traces of the treatment. Wrinkles, scars and blemishes are reduced, and the skin becomes smooth and even. The operation does not take long and is performed under local anaesthetic in day surgery. Recovery times vary from 7-10 days.


Protruding Ear Correction

Protruding ears are the most common congenital malformation. The purpose of ear surgery (otoplasty) is to correct the shape and size of the ears.

Protruding ears originate during the embryonic phase when the auricle does not bend far back enough. All that is needed to correct the shape of the ear is a small day surgery operation under local anaesthetic that lasts approximately one hour.


Face harmony

The chin is very important for overall facial proportion. By increasing the projection of a receding chin or decreasing an excessive prominence it is possible to improve facial appeal.

Surgery is performed under local anaesthetic. In additive mentoplasty a small implant is introduced, resulting in a more pronounced chin that gives the face a marked profile. In reductive mentoplasty, any sharp angles or protuberances are reshaped to enhance facial symmetry.


Double benefit

Hollow cheeks, gaunt face, nasolabial folds… lipofilling - the injection of autologous fat – can fill deep wrinkles or increase lip volume. Using special syringes, the plastic surgeon removes body fat from the patient (usually from the abdomen or buttock region) which is then injected into the area that requires correction. By using the patient's own lipid cells, it is possible to...
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