The purpose of cosmetic surgery is to correct and improve physical flaws or aesthetic imperfections, improving body symmetry

ClinicAgostini is a centre for cosmetic surgery in Bolzano, ready to help you achieve your beauty dreams!

Physical appearance plays an important role in feeling good about yourself and the world around you. If you like yourself you will be confident, and so it is normal that the presence of more or less evident imperfections can create problems.
For women, beautiful breasts and a toned body are symbols of femininity, sensuality and sex appeal. Pregnancy, weight loss or unpleasant fat deposits can change the shape of your body, causing your self esteem to decrease.

Men too are turning more frequently to cosmetic procedures to help them feel comfortable in a society that seems to be increasingly demanding in terms of aesthetic appearance and bodily proportions.
After all, first impressions are based mostly on physical appearance and our face is what people remember about us, both for men and for women. The face can regain its youth and energy by means of a series of treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, which aim to improve the shape of the face while maintaining individual distinctive features.
The main purpose of cosmetic surgery is just this: correct and improve aesthetic flaws and imperfections. It doesn’t matter is they are congenital, the result of a disease or trauma, or simply due to the unavoidable passage of time. They harm our self confidence and undermine our desire to spend time with other people.

After a careful and meticulous preliminary appointment, the Bolzano team of professionals, directed by Dr. Philipp Agostini, Plastic Surgeon, will be able to identify the treatment solutions best suited to your case. ClinicAgostini uses an innovative and multidisciplinary approach based on the correct identification of the problem and subsequent indication of possible solutions, in accordance with the guidelines of the most prestigious international scientific associations.
Our specialists will identify and evaluate the degree of treatment that will best respond to your characteristics and needs, involving you in each step of the process, and plan an itinerary that will guarantee the best results using least invasive procedures possible.

ClinicAgostini is your centre for cosmetic surgery in the heart of Bolzano: with professionalism and dedication, we will make your beauty dreams come true!

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