Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda - the Science of Life - is an ancient Indian system that governs and regulates the elements of the human being, including body, mind and consciousness. It brings balance to all levels of life expression and substantially reduces stress.

The Ayurveda practices play an important role in purifying the body:

  • The BODY MASSAGE with warm, individually selected, aromatic oils is designed to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, reinforcing the immune system and reducing cellulite.
  • The FOOT MASSAGE treats the foot, which in Eastern disciplines is considered to be a source of energy as well as a map depicting our various organs and offering a strong de-stressing sensation.
  • The RELAXING MASSAGE is always performed with warm aromatic oils and treats bothersome backaches that impair the ability to move freely and reduce energy levels.
  • The FACIAL is adapted to various skin types. It enhances the skin through the use of custom oils on the face, head and shoulders in order to fully stretch the muscles and restore tone to muscle tissue.


There are many other specific Ayurvedic treatments.

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