Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery corrects and improves physical flaws and imperfections, giving your body the right proportions.

Plastic Surgery

The purpose of plastic surgery is to alter the morphology of the body in order to restore form and function after accidents or surgery.

Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine involves the improvement or correction of physical imperfections using minimally invasive techniques with reduced recovery time.


ClinicAgostini in Bolzano is one of the first three centres to specialise in the surgical treatment of migraines. If you suffer from frequent headaches, we can help you by treating the cause and not the effects.

Rigenera – contro la calvizie

Come prevenire la calvizie o alopecia? La ClinicAgostini si avvale di un trattamento innovativo e efficace nella cura dell’alopecia androgenetica: il metodo Rigenera.


Cellulite is a typically feminine imperfection that affects approximately 80-90% of women, irrespective of their age or weight. Anti-cellulite treatments that have been developed by aesthetic medicine are effective in fighting this imperfection, resulting in skin that is soft and smooth.

Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda - the Science of Life - is an ancient Indian system that governs and regulates the elements of the human being, including body, mind and consciousness. It brings balance to all levels of life expression and substantially reduces stress.

Permanent Make-up

To look fresh and beautiful every day, without having to go through a daily make-up routine. Permanent Make-Up makes this dream a reality. It ensures beauty for 2 to 3 years. Eyebrows and lips can be accentuated and eyes can be emphasised.

Psychology and Psychotherapy

The psychology and psychotherapy service deals mainly with anxiety disorders and depression, ADHD and behavioural disorders, emotional, relational and personality difficulties.

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