Aesthetic Medicine

Wrinkle lifting

Facial wrinkles can be corrected and smoothed by means of injections using different techniques and substances. Wrinkles can be lifted without necessarily resorting to surgical procedures.

The substances that are used for lifting wrinkles are hyaluronic acid, botox and bio-revitalisers.

These treatments are available at our clinic in Bolzano throughout the year. They are not evident, they do not leave scars, and they do not limit your daily activity.


Removing wrinkles is not enough to leave your face looking younger. You also need to have a healthy, radiant and unblemished skin. For this purpose, a facial peeling is much more effective than any anti-ageing cream.

Peeling involves the application of an acid which dissolves the old corneal skin cells, stimulating skin renewal and increasing the hydration of the skin. Blemishes are reduced, wrinkles are smoothed, and the general elasticity of the skin is improved.

The facial skin appears smooth, young and healthy.

Liquid Lifting

Ageing provokes a natural loss of volume in facial skin associated with a general breakdown of facial tissues. This causes the face to appear old and tired.

Liquid lifting is the latest revolution in the field of aesthetic medicine.
It is a non-surgical technique with a “lifting effect” that improves the signs of ageing. The technique uses a combination of dermal fillers, botox, chemical peeling and bio-revitalisers.

After the treatment you can return to your normal social and work activities, although sometimes there may be a slight swelling for approximately 24 hours. The aesthetic results of the Liquid Lifting treatment are completely natural and last for 8 to 12 months.


Your hands can betray your age even if your face appears young and radiant. Aesthetic medicine provides simple and effective beauty treatments that can make your hands look young and well looked after.

The beauty treatments that are available for hands are based on the injection of active substances that hydrate the hands, restoring tone and lustre. By using hyaluronic acid (or even better, Lipofilling) the skin can be thickened, making the hands appear younger. Peeling is very effective for the treatment of dark patches.

Aesthetic Medicine involves the improvement or correction of physical imperfections using minimally invasive techniques with reduced recovery time.

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