Sensuality and Femininity

Additive Mastoplasty

Small, underdeveloped breasts or ptotic breasts (sagging breasts, for example after a pregnancy) can be corrected with an additive mastoplasty, making it possible for you to like yourself again and recover the femininity and sensuality that beautiful breasts symbolize for all women.

During surgery breast implants are inserted into a space created below the mammary gland or immediately below the pectoral muscle. The implants consist of a silicone or polyurethane shell filled with silicone gel or saline solution. The shape of the implants is either round or anatomical (teardrop), the latter giving a more natural and proportional result. Implant replacement is not necessary, except in the case of complications which are highly unlikely if the operation is carried out by an expert qualified plastic surgeon.

Reductive Mastoplasty

Very large breasts can be the cause of psychological, social and physical problems.

Incorrect posture caused by an unbalanced body can cause cervical and lumbar pain, headaches, and mycoses or eczema in the furrows below the breasts. Breast reduction is a treatment that makes it possible to return to normal activity and restore physical function.

As you can well imagine, the plastic surgeon removes excess mammary tissue, repositioning the areola and shaping a new breast with the remaining tissue. After surgery, the breasts have a natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance and an appropriate size.


After significant weight loss, one or more pregnancies or simply as a result of ageing, breasts can begin to sag to a greater or lesser degree due to a decrease in skin volume and elasticity.

Mastopexy is a procedure that moves the nipple back to its natural position, reshapes the breast tissue and removes excess skin. The breasts appear raised and regain symmetry.
Depending on the technique used during surgery, as a rule the scar is pretty much invisible.

Breasts are a very important part of the body for women for a number of reasons. Breasts are an expression of femininity, sensuality, and sex appeal.

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