• Our aim is not to reach ideals
    of beauty based on the dictates
    of fashion, but to help our patients
    find symmetry in their proportions

  • Non-invasive techniques
    to make you look younger
    without surgery

  • Plastic surgery:
    for treating Scars
    Tumours, Tattoos

  • Targeted treatments
    for men and women

All your beauty treatments under one roof

At ClinicAgostini in Bolzano you will find true professionals who will work with you to find the right solution for every problem.


to understand the desires, the needs and the goals of the patient: this is the first step.


We will respond to all of your doubts to ensure your peace of mind when facing surgery.

Follow-up visits

We will follow your progress after the operation to make sure that everything is going well.


Together we evaluate all of the possibilities to identify the best solution for you.


The most delicate part of the process, performed safely and professionally.

The personal touch

Because at the heart of it all there is a person. Not an object.

More than 5000 satisfied patients

The procedures that we follow at ClinicAgostini work, because you and your desire for beauty are at the centre of everything we do. People, not fashion.

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Keep up to date with new techniques in plastic and cosmetic surgery

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