Skin cancer screening

Prevention is everything!

The skin is exposed to a wide variety of environmental influences, including sunlight, which is the most consistent cause of damage to the skin. After decades of exposure to the sun, the protective mechanisms of the skin can break down and skin tumors can develop. Skin tumors need to be detected and removed at an early stage. You can protect your health and save your life through regular examinations and the early detection of skin tumors.

Outpatient removal of skin tumors

When discovered early, skin tumors - both black and white skin cancer - can often be removed with a minimally-invasive procedure. Professor Dr. Paul has been using this technique successfully for years and only small, inconspicuous scars remain after this procedure. This method of treatment is particularly suitable for athletes, because they can shower after the operation and they don’t have to take time off from their training. Only advanced tumors require a plastic-reconstructive procedure for removal. The same watchword applies here too: The sooner the tumor is detected, the easier the procedure.

Aesthetic medicine

A noticeable aging process can already be seen in the middle years of life, though the effects of this process depend on a person’s skin type, ability to tan and lifestyle. Every ray of sunlight damages the skin! This is why the skin of the face and the back of the hands are affected first.
Small wrinkles (such as crow’s feet) also begin to appear on the expressive areas of the face. These wrinkles become deeper over the years because the sun’s ultraviolet rays permanently destroy the connective tissue of the skin and the elasticity in these areas is lost. Targeted anti-aging therapy can help restore a fresh and youthful appearance in these areas.

At the same time, benign pigment spots (liver spots) gradually begin to appear. In addition, a plate-like growth of the epidermis can occur, also known as sun warts, which add to the overall appearance of “old-age skin” or “clear skin.”

There are many treatment options for these changes:

Allergies/eczema diseases

Allergies have been on the rise for decades. Harmless substances in our environment constantly come into contact with our skin and/or mucous membranes, where they can cause severe symptoms due to a misguided and excessive immune reaction, including runny nose, asthma and skin eczema. Uncovering the causes of allergies requires a great deal of skill and detective work, as the range of triggers can be extremely varied. However, a skin or blood test usually can identify the source of the problem.


Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin disease which often occurs in the family and is characterized by red, severe scaly areas on the elbows and knees or on the scalp. In the case of extreme infection, psoriasis can become a problem for people who are living together. Psoriasis can also cause pain and stiffness in the joints. In addition to the established external therapy, astonishing results can be achieved with modern drugs (biologicals) - especially in cases of extreme infection. However, continual external treatment and the simultaneous strengthening of the immune system also create satisfactory results, with no serious side effects.

Hair diseases

Hair is a specialization of the epidermis. Hair follicles are located in a root sheath from which they grow out several fractions of a millimeter every day for many years. At the end of the growth phase, the hair is shed to make room for new hair. This naturally leads to hair loss, which is considered normal, provided that no more than 100 hairs are lost every day, however, there is no clear limit on this amount. Hair is also subject to hormonal influences. So it is not surprising, for example, if there is increased hair loss after pregnancy. Uncovering the causes of hair loss is a prerequisite for successful therapy.

In any case, all forms of circular hair loss, where all the hair in a specific area of the scalp is completely lost, are pathological. The cause can be found in the processes of auto-aggression. Accordingly, treatment must have a calming effect on the immune system. Sometimes circular hair loss can also be caused by psychological stress factors.

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